Goats are very inquisitive creatures and love to be with other animals being a herd animal. They also like the company of people and will come to you when called as a dog would. They make  great companion pals to horses and cattle and are fairly low maintenance,  and will help keep your yard tidy. Their pellets make great fertiliser for gardens and vegie patches. It is a myth that goats will eat anything they see! Goats are actually preferential browsers and like to eat what takes their fancy which usually includes woody textured plants. They do not eat clothes, shoes or the like! The horse, cow and goat each compliment the other when eating their way around a paddock as they each like different things. So far I have found that ours have a favourite, that being cobblers pegs and the purple flower off the top of the scotch thistle! Therefore they help to balance out the grass/weed ratio as they eat the weeds and therefore help prevent weed dispersion.  Another myth is that goats are hard to keep in. In the years I have run goats I have only once had a goat try to escape and then it was to only buddy up with another goat it came to our farm with and never jumped again.  Dog mesh fencing is essential to ensure you keep your goats in and any predators out such as wild dogs, pigs and foxes.