Nutritional facts about Goat meat

*Goat meat is higher in iron than any other red meat.
*Is the most easily digested red meat
*Is the leanest red mean with the least fat
*Zinc component in red meat helps to keep the immune system strong;
*Does not have a greasy after mouth feel as lamb does
*Does not compromise any religious beliefs
*Red meat is one of the best dietary sources of iron and zinc in the Australian diet.

 Goat Facts

*Goat meat Is eaten world wide
* Is a sweet light clean meat
*Australia is the worlds largest exporters of goat meat
*goat meat plays an important part in both Hindu and Muslim religions
*The worlds biggest importers of goat meat are the USA and Taiwan

Fun Facts About Goats

*Goats do not have teeth in the upper front jaw
*Both male and female goats can grow beards
*Worldwide more people eat and drink  goats milk than from any other animal
*Goats do not like to get wet so will seek out shelter before the rain arrives
*Before coins were used for money, goats were traded for silver due to their worth