nicole in western gear

Nicole is the go to person on the farm for anything relating to the goats.

Callemondah Farm is situated in the foot hills of Mt Mee, in Queensland’s D’Aguilar range. Set among lush fertile valleys, meandering creek beds and rolling hills as far as the eye can see. Traditional land owners would have called this area “Callemondah” meaning “land of many hills”. Our focus at Callemondah is to produce and supply quality Capretto and Chevon Boer goat meat. Our animals are well cared for and  treated with patience and respect. Each paddock has it’s own shelter to protect the goats from the elements, and are commonly known around the farm as the “Boer Hilton”. The goats are free range, grass fed and wander around the paddocks to laze or graze at their leisure. At Callemondah we like to maintain constant interaction with all our goats to ensure a calm and trusting relationship which helps in handling and moving, especially at the time of processing. We can ensure that our animals are treated humanely and are processed to MLA standards. Various meat cuts are available from mince to leg roast through to French cutlets, as well as half and whole carcase. A full list of cuts is available upon request.


After purchasing the farm in 2007 it was the lay of the land that dictated the type of farming we would undertake. Hilly country is harder to maintain and often dangerous to get tractors onto , so goats were the logical option. starting back in 2013 with only 20 goats we have since grown and learnt a great deal over the years.


About Nicole

While not coming directly from a farming background, farming has been apart of my famliy from generations prior with both my great grand parents having had farm animals in Victoria and over in Italy .  The land and animals have been a passion on mine since I was a young girl and after being fortunate enough to purchase Callemondah back in 2006 I then had time to think about what farming practice would best suit the lay of the land. It was then decided upon Boer goats. They are great to help keep the land clear as well as provide us with or own clean meat and allow us to be able to sell a great products to others. I undertook  training with Helen Darlington of Yarrabee Boer Goat Stud ,  Helen has lectured at the University of Queensland Gatton and now runs hands on training on her own property at Goombungee where I learnt the following tools that would see me through. Breeds and Breed standards, selection, health, nutrition, breeding, fencing, marketing.
I took myself to any training seminars and information sessions that I could, as well as purchase a great deal of reading materials on how to farm goats more naturally! I was also lucky have the opportunity to ask a million questions of the late Annie Coates who was a huge part of the Qld Boer Society,  from judging to lecturing, Annie was an expert on Boer goats. What Annie didn’t know about goats, wasn’t worth knowing! She was a powerhouse of knowledge and a fantastic support person when I started out. Sadly I miss her colourful charm, wealth of information, tips and knowledge greatly.